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The Pros Of Flatbed Trucks For Hauling Construction Equipment


One sector that is crucial to the operation of the world is the construction sector. Building new infrastructures and cities would be unthinkable without construction equipment. Several types of construction equipment and materials are needed for every new building project. The challenge of how to get these products to the construction area on time can be challenging.

Most contractors in the construction industry will use a competent towing firm to safely transport their heavy machinery via flatbed vehicles to their location.

Because flatbed trucks are the finest and most reliable method of moving construction materials, construction contractors often choose them. Hauling construction equipment has become ten times simpler thanks to a flatbed trucks’ ability to handle massive and heavy equipment with efficiency.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the difficulties involved with moving large construction equipment and explain why flatbed trucks are the ideal choice for doing so.

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The Challenges Of Transporting Construction Equipment

In a perfect world, you could cram all of your tools and supplies for your construction site into a regular shipping container and not have to worry about permissions or logistical problems. However, in the real world, carrying your construction materials involves a lot of preparation and planning.

The following are some difficulties that you could run into when transporting your construction equipment:

Special Licenses

According to the legislation, your shipment cannot be wider than 11 feet, taller than 11 feet, longer than 52 feet, or heavier than 150,000 lbs.

However, the bulk of construction equipment regrettably surpasses at least one of the aforementioned dimensions; thus, you will require specific licenses to transport it.

The cherry on top is that each province has its own legislation, which only adds to the complexity of the situation. So, you must apply for licenses in each province that your shipment will pass through before you can ship your equipment.

Packing And Unpacking

It is your obligation to adequately secure your heavy goods to prevent damage or displacement that could compromise the safety of the hauling equipment. If you don’t, you risk getting citations and fines (for you and your business), and you might even have to take the hauling truck out of operation.

Another guideline is that, if at all possible, all construction equipment must be disassembled into smaller parts. Therefore packing and unpacking your construction equipment for shipping becomes a real annoyance.

Safety Risks

Transporting heavy equipment poses safety risks to the drivers, the equipment, and the public. Accidents can occur during loading, unloading, and transportation, causing damage to the equipment and putting people’s lives at risk.

Transporting construction equipment requires careful planning, coordination, and compliance with various regulations and safety requirements. It is important to work with experienced and reputable transport companies like Action Towing to ensure that your equipment is transported safely and efficiently.

Advantages Of Flatbed Trucks

After describing the several logistical difficulties you could encounter when exporting your construction equipment, it’s time to discover how flatbed trucks can help to ease the process considerably. The following are some benefits of employing flatbed trucks to transport your construction supplies and machinery:

Reduced Transportation Costs

Flatbed trucks can be more cost-effective than other types of trucks, as they can carry larger and heavier loads, reducing the number of trips required. This can save on fuel costs and other transportation expenses.


The greatest benefit of flatbed trucks for moving equipment is their versatility. Flatbed trucks are highly versatile and can be used to transport a wide range of construction equipment, from small tools to large machinery. They can also be used to transport equipment with non-standard dimensions or shapes.

But be careful to only use a reputable towing firm to move your equipment, as they will be fully insured and have trained flatbed truck drivers that can move your construction equipment securely.

Simpler Unloading And Loading

All heavy-duty equipment handling involves a number of risks; thus, adhering to safety rules while being transported is crucial.

Flatbed trucks are easy to load and unload, as they have an open deck that allows equipment to be loaded from the side, back, or top. This can save time and reduce the risk of damage to the equipment during loading and unloading.

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