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How Can You Prevent Damage To Your Car While It’s Being Towed?

How Can You Prevent Damage To Your Car While  It's Being Towed?

When your vehicle is being towed, there is a chance that it might get damaged during the process. Only professionals will know how to tow a car carefully and not damage it any further. While you cannot assure that nothing will happen to your car during this process, you can still take some preventive measures to avoid further damage that can be costly for you.

From hiring the right towing company to following some other care tips, this blog post mentions some of the important points that can help you prevent your car from enduring any further damage during the towing process.

Keep Calm

The first thing you have to do to prevent further damage to your towing car is to keep calm and not think about damaging it. Panicking and stressing will only attract more negative outcomes, and thus, may result in an inefficient tow. Therefore, if this is your first time towing a car, put trust into your professionals and let them do their job.

Don’t Keep Your Emergency Brakes On

Emergency brakes are there to help you in an emergency and when your car’s primary brakes fail. You use them to slow down or stop your car. While towing, there is no need to keep your car’s emergency brakes on as it will hinder the movement of your car. Proper movement is necessary to load your car, especially on a flatbed truck.

If your emergency brakes are left on, you and the towing professionals will have a hard time towing your vehicle. This can damage your tires and shocks. Release the parking brakes and keep your car in a neutral position when your car is ready to be towed.

Hire The Right Professional Company

When you rely on the experts with the right experience for the job, you can be sure that they will do the task efficiently. Hiring professionals to tow your car, especially if this is your first time, can be beneficial. Therefore, ask someone or research on your own to ensure that you hire the right company to help tow your vehicle.

Keep The Windows Up

You must remember to roll up all your windows before handing your car over to be towed. Keeping the windows up will ensure that no dust or debris gets inside your car while it is being towed.

Check Your Transmissions Position

There are two transmission modes on your car: automatic and manual transmission. Automatic transmission vehicles can tow while it is in the neutral position, as long as the non-driving wheels are on the road. In a manual transmission, you can tow any vehicle.

Keep in mind some damage can occur if the destination is far, the vehicle can safely tow on its two wheels with the transmission in neutral. Therefore, if you require your vehicle to be towed a longer distance, you should request a flatbed tow truck.

Check Your Vehicle Before It Leaves

While it is the job of the professionals and your towing company to check everything before sending your car to be repaired, you must also ensure that everything is fine. Check your emergency brakes, windows, and other important points to help prevent any further damage.

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