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How To Prepare For A Winter Roadside Emergency


Canada receives a large amount of snow and rainfall, due to which you have to be extremely careful when driving in such weather conditions. Generally, a professional towing company can help you through emergency roadside assistance services if you run into any trouble.

Nevertheless, there are a few things that you should keep in mind to prepare for a potential winter roadside emergency. This blog post highlights the top five tips you should follow when dealing with such a situation.

Tip # 01 – Create A Survival Kit

Having a survival kit in your vehicle throughout the year is recommended, but it becomes even more critical during the winter when you are likely to run into vehicle problems. There are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to creating a survival kit. You can customise it according to your needs.

You should put all the essential items you need for survival in one place. Some of the most important things to have in your survival kit are a blanket, a small shovel, an ice scraper, batteries, and a flashlight. Similarly, you should keep a few snacks in your truck, water, and first aid kit.

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Tip # 02 – Fill Your Gas Task Completely

Running out of gas on a highway can be very undesirable. The best thing to do to avoid such an issue from happening in the first place is to fill your gas tank. Check the gas level frequently to ensure you have enough gas to make your trips.

However, if you do run out of gas, the best thing to do is call roadside assistance service. The experts will help you out of such a situation.

Tip # 03 – Rely On The Experts For Repairs

Some people make the mistake of trying to repair their vehicle or some component of it, even when they don’t have any experience or training. You should never try this, as you can damage the car instead of repairing it.

Therefore, when you encounter a vehicle issue, you should hire professional vehicle repair service. Similarly, if your vehicle has run into any problems on the road, your first choice should be to call towing services to get help from the experts in getting yourself out of the situation.

Tip # 04 – Reflective Flags

Having reflective flags as part of your survival kit is essential to ensure that if your vehicle breaks down on the road, you can place these warning signs for other drivers to see on the road.

Placing reflective flags on the road helps warn other drivers that your vehicle is broken. Place these triangles a few hundred feet behind your car to avoid accidents. Other drivers will see the triangles and have plenty of time to slow down.

Tip # 05 – Call Professional Roadside Assistance Services

Suppose your vehicle has gotten into an accident or is facing an issue you cannot understand. In that case, you should immediately call professional roadside assistance services to get help from experienced and well-trained professionals.

A local towing company such as Action Towing in Edmonton can provide quick roadside assistance services to ensure you get the help you need in emergencies. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about waiting too long for the towing and vehicle recovery experts to arrive at your destination.

Tip # 06 – Don’t Dig It Out Of The Snow

If your vehicle has gotten stuck in the snow and you cannot move it, you should not try to dig your car out of the snow yourself. In most situations, there is no advantage to shovelling snow from the car’s tires. It can adversely impact your health. You should immediately call towing and roadside assistance experts in such a situation.

About Action Towing

Action Towing is a towing and roadside assistance company in Edmonton. We have a team of experienced, qualified, and trained individuals who use the best towing services to help our clients.

We can deal with all types of vehicles and transport them safely. Therefore, if your car has broken down in the middle of the road or you want reliable towing and vehicle recovery services to remain safe this winter, you can contact us.


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