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Why Did My Car Breakdown? And How Can I Prevent This Issue?

Why Did My Car Breakdown? And How Can I Prevent This Issue?

A car breakdown is one of the most frustrating incidents you can find yourself in. If you are not an experienced driver or don’t really know what went wrong, seeking assistance from an emergency towing service provider should be the first thing that you do. Trying to fix your car yourself will consume a lot of your time and effort. The cost of having your car repaired can heavily impact your budget.

In this blog we will look at some of the reasons why your car might have broken down and what can be done about it.

Faulty Battery

If you have a faulty battery, then it is best to buy a new one that will perform better and prevent a breakdown from happening again.

If you are someone who seldomly goes on long trips, chances are that your battery might not have had enough time to charge. This can be avoided if you charge your battery for a whole night once every few months.

If your battery does not receive proper current supply, it might go flat. This can happen if your battery terminals are not clean, another possibility is that they might become corroded. So you must regularly check that your battery is clean and corrosion free.

Damaged Tire

It is mandatory for you to make sure that the pressure in your tires are upto the correct level. If your tires are under-inflated they might become overheated. If one of your tires is losing air regularly, this is a clear sign of a puncture which should be taken care of immediately.

Keep a spare tire and a puncture repair kit with you. If you don’t have any spare tires, driving with a damaged tire can lead to further damage. Hence, it is best that you call roadside assistance services.

Fault In Your Spark Plugs

The spark plugs in your car are responsible for its ignition, if they are not functioning properly, your vehicle will not start or it might produce some odd sounds.

Having your vehicle serviced regularly can help identify these minor problems before they become a big issue.

Overused Clutch Cables

Your clutches burn out when they are over used. This might cause a number of problems:

  • The transmission might slip out of the gear
  • The clutch pedal might become hard
  • The clutch cable might break

These are some of the serious issues that should be addressed as you come across them. Don’t drive your car if your clutch cables are burnt out. Park your car somewhere safe and call roadside assistance.

Engine Runs Out of Oil

If your oil levels are low, then your engine might stop working. This happens because the different parts of your engine need to be lubricated to prevent them from grinding together.

To prevent this issue check your engine’s oil levels occasionally. This can be done with a dipstick which can show you the level of oil in your engine.

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