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The Must-Have Items For Any Road Trip

The Must-Have Items For Any Road Trip

In today’s age and era, your vehicle is no less than a second home for you. After all, your frustratingly busy work-life requires you to travel oftentimes, which ultimately boils down to frequent driving. Hence, you surely spend a significant chunk of your 24 hours behind the wheel. In this regard, we are not simply referring to the time you spend while commuting to and from work. It also includes the time you spent driving to a shopping mall, park, hospital, or even when embarking on a long road trip.

Even though your car is like a second home or a faithful companion, it is, nevertheless, a mechanical resource that may quit unexpectedly and abruptly. In such a situation, requesting towing and roadside assistance services is often the best solution. Nevertheless, if you are properly geared up, you may be able to easily solve minor issues or at least take care of yourself as you wait for help.

Therefore, just like you need to have basic necessities handy in your home, you also ought to have at least a few essential items in your car. You might argue that as long as you have a credit card or cash in your pocket, there won’t be a problem. But how sure are you that your vehicle will not break down in an unknown location with no sign of a shop, hotel, or service station?

In order to help you cope with any inconvenience or mishap during a road trip, we shall use this blog to enlighten you about the few essential items you always need to keep in your vehicle


What Should You Keep In Your Car?

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” This quote from Benjamin Franklin cuts the story short while maintaining an applaudable emphasis on adequate preparation. This quote does not only serve as an inspiration for those aiming to achieve something big in the future but is also relevant to even the minor aspects of your everyday life. Your car may seem to be in excellent condition. However, the future remains a mystery.

Hence, despite your vehicle’s technical sophistication, you should carry the following items:

Food And Water

As mentioned earlier, you never know where or when your car may break down. Thus, it is very unsafe and unwise to simply assume that you can purchase water and food as and when needed. You do not necessarily have to stuff your car with lasagna and fruits but at least keep packets of biscuits, granola bars, crisps, and a few bottles of freshwater. As a result, you will have something to munch on if your car breaks down far away from a roadside assistance provider.

Phone With The Contact Details of An Edmonton-based Towing Service Provider

To most of you, this might sound like a no-brainer. But in reality, dozens of people forget their phones when they hastily leave their house. Accordingly, the latter may turn into your biggest remorse when you find yourself stranded in a remote place, as your phone is the fastest way to call for help in case of an emergency.

Similarly, the importance of a towing service provider can never be emphasized enough. The essential items mentioned in this blog and your DIY techniques do not make you an expert in every technical aspect. Thus, to ensure assistance in unmanageable roadside miseries, it is crucial that you have the contact details of a reliable roadside assistance provider on your phone.

First Aid Kit

Let us face reality. Whether it is your home or your car, it just makes sense to have a first aid kit handy. This kit is not only helpful when you encounter an accident but also proves beneficial when you attempt DIY auto repair. Since you are not an expert in the field, you might sustain minor injuries during the process.

Spare Tire And Tire Changing Kit

A flat tire is the most common reason people are left stranded on the road. Hence, your vehicle’s trunk should always have a spare tire in it. Moreover, the spare tire will be useless if you don’t have the equipment needed to change the tire. Thus a tire changing kit should also be present.

Jumper Cables

Besides having a flat tire, a flat or dead car battery is also a major issue amongst Canadian drivers. It is very annoying when you are already late for a meeting, but your car refuses to start. In this case, having jumper cables can easily help you boost your car battery with the help of another volunteer, of course. If you do not know how the latter is done, feel free to request battery boating services from Edmonton’s most reliable towing service providers.

About Action Towing

Action Towing is the ultimate solution to every roadside misery in Edmonton. Whether you are stuck with a flat tire or require emergency roadside assistance, our seasoned professionals are ready 24/7 to help you out. Contact us to learn more.


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