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Mistakes People Make When Towing A Vehicle


Towing is an essential service that can help you when you seriously damage your car or get into a vehicle problem. This service can help you take your vehicle, truck, or SUV wherever you want when your vehicle itself cannot work. However, there are some mistakes that can lead to damage and repairs to your vehicle and belongings.

Such mistakes must be avoided at all costs. Otherwise, you will end up in a more serious situation and might have to pay huge for those costly repairs and damages.

This blog post mentions those common mistakes you must avoid when towing so you can safely tow your car.

Ignoring The Tire Pressure

One of the biggest mistakes many companies and people make when towing a car is that they do not check the tire pressure of the vehicle being towed and the one that will tow the vehicle. Not checking the tire pressure, under or overinflated tires, can significantly increase the risk of a blowout when traveling. This can lead to a dangerous situation such as unbalancing the vehicles and ending up in an accident.

Overloading The Tow Vehicle

This is a common mistake that many new drivers make when towing for the first time. There is a specific range of gross combination weight rating and gross axle weight rating. These figures tell you how much weight your vehicle can tow and handle easily. Exceeding its limit will put a strain on the engine of the vehicle, which may result in expensive repairs. You must tow your vehicle within this limit; otherwise, the hooks or bars might break.

Similarly, the gross axle weight rating tells you how much weight is safe to place on each axle. In addition, the distribution bars, and the bar size must be correct and parallel to the trailer’s frame.

Not Checking The Brakes

Forgetting to check your brakes can be fatal when you hit the highway with any vehicle towed. You must have a professional towing partner with you who performs all these inspections, especially for the brakes. Make sure that the towing vehicle has working brakes and does not show any wear.

Hiring An Unprofessional Towing Company

Another major contribution to a failed towing process and a mistake many people make is that they hire any company they come across. The result is that such companies do not have the necessary equipment or vehicles to tow your vehicle safely. Moreover, they do not have experienced professionals and often worsen your situation.

Using Unsuitable Equipment

A professional knows which machine and equipment to use to tow a certain vehicle. Every kind of vehicle demands a different set of equipment or towing vehicle which can tow your car safely. You will face troubles on the road when the wrong type of equipment is used in the towing process. Therefore, ensure that the vehicle towing is suitable for this purpose and won’t cause problems during the process.

Not Following Local Regulations

Local rules and regulations must be followed when towing a vehicle. These rules vary from city to city and must be followed by everyone. They are also set according to a certain area’s geography and traffic patterns. Such rules and regulations are necessary for your own safety and benefit. Therefore, you should try to read about those rules before heading out for the towing process and avoid getting into some trouble. Otherwise, you might have to pay hefty fines.

Driving In Unsuitable Weather Conditions

Fog and smog can greatly reduce your visibility and make it hard to drive. In such circumstances, it can become even harder to tow a vehicle. Some basic manoeuvres such as braking, changing lanes, and making turns demand visibility, and those are dependent on suitable weather conditions. Use proper fog lights or other signs to tow in such conditions.

About Action Towing

Action Towing offers highly skilled tow truck drivers and the latest equipment at reasonable rates coupled with high-quality service. All this makes us one of the most trusted towing companies in Edmonton. We do our best to provide our clients with competitive market rates across the board. Contact us for more information.


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