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How You Can Stay Safe On The Road During Winter

How You Can Stay Safe On The Road During Winter

Winter is a time to enjoy. Heading out on long journeys can be enjoyable if you are packed with your favorite snacks and a cozy car. But, there is one thing we all dread about, and that is a faulty car. Have you ever thought about what could happen if your car were to suddenly break down on the way?

Sleet, wind, and snow all can affect your car’s condition in the winter season. Often, we experience low battery and have to wait a few minutes to warm up the engine. There is never a guarantee that your car won’t break down on the way and make you wait until help arrives.

Thankfully, We Are The Solution

We are hopeful for you even in this condition too. All this is because we, Action Towing, are here to help you with our towing and roadside assistance services. You can check out our services here and get in touch with us. Ensure you have a reliable towing company that you can call in case of a car breakdown during winter.

You Need To Prepare Too

We care about you and want to let you know how you can stay safe on the road during the winter season. There are some specific tips you can opt to have a safe journey during the winter season.

Maintain Your Car For The Winter Season

Check Your Tires

Prepare your car for the upcoming winter season before the winter season arrives. Winter means snow and cold weather. Therefore, you must ensure that your tires are in good condition. Check the tread of your tires for its traction capacity. Having good traction on your tires helps prevent your car from slipping due to snow, and helps to keep you safe from potential accidents.

Check Your Cars Battery

Many old cars used to take 15-20 minutes to “warm-up” before driving. However, modern vehicles don’t make you wait this long and are ready to go in 2-3 minutes. Check your battery’s condition before going out in the winter.

Apart from these, some other essential checkpoints are:

  • Checking for ice in your mirrors
  • Checking your brakes every time you go for an oil change
  • Changing your oil filter
  • Checking your exhaust pipe to avoid leakage of carbon monoxide
  • Making sure all of your windows are clear

How To Get Your Car Unstuck When Stuck In Snow

There is nothing more displeasing than getting your car stuck in the snow. That is why it is important to keep essential things in your vehicle to get yourself out of this situation.

Keep a shovel with you to clean a path for your car if there is snow and quickly drive your vehicle. Turn on the lights so that other drives know that you are doing something. Keep your windshield/front screen, back mirrors, headlights, and exhaust pipes clean of snow.

Sand, cat litter, and salt are all items that can be helpful to improving the traction of your tires. Many people don’t travel around with these items, but having them can melt the snow.

Also, keep tire chains with you. These can provide good grip on the snow and avoid slipping.

Some Essential Things To Keep In Your Car

Safe winter driving doesn’t mean that you should not take care of yourself. You must keep some essential items in your car to help you deal with the sudden circumstances.

Some of the crucial things to consider are:

  • A phone charger or a power bank
  • A bag of energetic snacks
  • A few water bottles
  • Jumper cables
  • Scraping tools for ice
  • Spare tire
  • A torch
  • A small blanket
  • Snow chains
  • First aid kit
  • Some sanitizer and extra masks for COVID situations
  • Hats, gloves, boots

Get Professional Help

If you are stuck on the road and unable to find a solution, it may be the time to call for professional help. Action Towing provides numerous services such as:

  • Towing
  • Roadside assistance
  • Car boosting
  • Recovery
  • Lockout services and more


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