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How To Prepare Your Car For Long Distance Towing

How To Prepare Your Car For Long Distance Towing

Long-distance towing is not at all similar to local short-distance towing. There are so many things you need to do in your car. Doing so will ensure that your vehicle remains safe throughout the journey. After all, no car owner would want his ride to face any further damage while a professional towing company tows it from one city to another.

In this blog, we will discuss what you would need to do to make sure your car is ready for a long tiring drive with a towing truck.

Disabling your car alarm

The first thing to make sure is to disable the alarm of your car. It’s crucial because there are chances during the journey that the alarm of your vehicle will go off. It’ll result in panic and stress for the tow truck driver. Also, the other drivers on the road will not feel comfortable. It’s always wise to disable the alarm before you leave because it’ll interrupt the drive and waste precious time.

Wash your car before you leave

Are you wondering why it’s essential? It’s a fact that dirt and mud on the surface of the car hide a dent or a ding. Make sure you see all the dings and dents before you see off your vehicle for long-distance towing. When you receive your car at its destination, you can make sure nothing happened to it.

Repair fluid leaks, if any exist

It’s imperative to repair your car if your car has suffered any fluid leakage. If you leave it and set your vehicle on a long journey, it may risk your car and other cars’ safety on the road. For example, leaking engine oil can result in an accident to the cars behind the tow truck, due to the slippery road. If fuel is leaking and your car is on a tow truck, it might result in a fire.

Inflate the tires

Another critical thing to do before sending your car on a long-distance towing journey is to inflate tires properly. It’ll make sure that your vehicle is hauled with ease and avoid damage to tires and rims. There is more than one benefit of inflating the tires of your car. It is a significant thing to do while preparing your car for towing.

Remove accessories

If you have certain customized modifications on your car, you need to assess which ones might receive some damage during the journey. You must remove the body parts or other accessories that are vulnerable to damage during towing.

Empty your glove compartment and trunk

Another crucial thing to do is to make sure you don’t leave any valuable belongings in the trunk or glove compartment of your car. Make sure your vehicle isn’t carrying anything that should be with you.

Make sure you lock the car.

Another mandatory thing to do is to lock the car before you see off your car to a long towing journey. It will make sure that your car remains safe from any accident caused by any of the doors accidentally getting open. Also, it can save your vehicle from stealing something from behind, by a roadside burglar.

Lower the gas in the tank

Lighter the weight of the car, the lesser the time and effort to tow the vehicle to its destination. One way to reduce the weight of the vehicle is to take the maximum gas out of the tank. As the car is not going to use any fuel itself, it’ll not be required. In this way, it’s unnecessary weight.

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