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How to Avoid Vehicle Breakdowns In The Winter

How to Avoid Vehicle Breakdowns In The Winter

It is understandable that a vehicle breakdown is never convenient, especially in the winter when temperatures tumble. If you find yourself stuck in this situation, it is advisable to sit tight and call for help. However, it is even better to follow some tips and tricks that can help you avoid a breakdown like this all together. While nothing can substitute safe driving, having a little knowledge and some tools can improve your situation.

Don’t run out of gas

Driving in winter can be harder on your fuel consumption. Make sure you have a full tank of gas when setting off on your next journey. The last thing a driver wants in the winter time is to run out of gas and be located miles away from the closest gas station. It’s also important you do not overlook your water and oil levels and keep your car well-maintained and well-prepared for the winter. Top up coolant and oil levels whenever needed.

Watch out for wear and tear

It is recommended to use tires designed for winter and heavy snow. In winter, be sure to equip your vehicle with at least 3 mm of tread and inflate tires to the correct pressure. It will give you the best grip on wet and icy roads. Moreover, inspect your car for any wear and tear. Replace your windshield wipers regularly to ensure impeccable visibility in winter weather conditions.

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Maintain brakes

It is absolutely critical to keep your brakes in excellent working condition, no matter the weather or driving condition. Check the brake pads regularly and replace them on time. Driving with brakes that are faulty or in disrepair is extremely dangerous. Faulty or inefficient brakes dramatically increase the chances of road accidents.

A dead battery is a common problem

It’s hard for a car battery to produce enough energy during the colder winter months. It’s a scary situation when you turn your key and the battery is not producing enough power to start your car. How can you avoid getting caught in the cold with a dead battery? Use a multimeter or voltmeter to check the battery voltage. You can also ask your mechanic to take a look and determine whether or not volts are enough to ensure dependable startups in the cold. Consider using a battery rated for cold weather if you are living in a frigid place.

Pay attention to warnings

If you notice a red flashing light every time you start your vehicle, find out what the problem is and resolve it. Consult your car manual to identify the problem and resolve it as soon as possible to avoid a breakdown. Regular service and maintenance are two of the best ways to reduce the risk of a car breakdown.

Call a roadside assistance service company in case of a breakdown

The first thing you should do when your car breaks down is call a professional roadside assistance service company. Whether you need to replace a tire or your car battery is dead, a roadside service company will be able to provide quick help. Action Towing is one of the most trusted sources for roadside assistance and towing services in Edmonton. Contact us for more information!


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