Heavy Duty Towing Tips Edmonton

Heavy duty towing is a highly technical job that requires special skills, heavy duty tow trucks, and equipment so that heavy objects can be safely secured and transported from one place to another. This is why only experts with the right experience and equipment take on such hauling tasks.

Action Towing is one of the reliable sources of heavy duty tow trucks and operators who have been performing complex hauling operations for many years in Edmonton, Alberta. While our tow truck drivers in Edmonton have what it takes to get heavy duty towing projects done in a safe and convenient manner, here are some heavy duty towing tips for you to make your project a success:

Use of proper equipment

Needless to mention that tools are imperative in securing or hauling vehicles and other objects. Transporting a heavy vehicle or object requires proper equipment and professionalism. A quick turn or sharp stop can cause heavy material to come crashing down. An inexperienced operator or inappropriate equipment can cause irreparable damage to public property and human life.

Therefore, before you take on any towing job like this, learn how to configure or attach a heavy load and how to deal with the technical aspects such as physical dimensions and weight. For example, it’s critical to ensure that your heavy duty towing truck has a gross weight rating to complete the intended job. Besides, inspect all the tie downs and equipment for degradation before hitting the road.

Don’t forget to secure equipment before towing

Securing heavy objects is one of the most crucial steps when it comes to moving heavy equipment using heavy duty trucks. Chains can be used to tie down heavy objects. Placing the load correctly will make it safe to carry heavy loads. When you’re done securing the equipment, make sure that the equipment is unable to come into contact with the brakes of the towing vehicle or hydraulic lines.

When all edges of the towing bed are fully padded, tie downs don’t get damaged from weight or friction during operation. Use of chocks, wedges and other tools can prevent vehicles from moving during the towing operation. It is recommended to recheck the load to ensure the load hasn’t slipped and that the tie downs are tight during the towing operation.

If you don’t have the equipment and skills required to perform a towing job, call a professional tow truck driver for your heavy-duty towing needs. If you think that you’re in an area where you can’t get a towing service, you need to recheck. An experienced company like Action Towing can help people with their heavy-duty towing needs even in the surrounding areas of Edmonton. Feel free to contact us for safe, quick, and affordable roadside and towing services!