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Frequently Asked Questions About Heavy-Duty Towing

Frequently Asked Questions About Heavy-Duty Towing

Whether you’re traveling with your family in an RV or operating a tractor around the clock, a potential accident involving an oversized vehicle can be a daunting experience. Fortunately, you can get in touch with heavy-duty towing companies that gear their expert services toward such situations so that you can get back on the road safely and quickly.

Towing large-sized vehicles require the assistance of highly skilled workers and specialized equipment that will get the job done carefully and efficiently. Even the light-duty trucks can pick up and tow any commuter vehicle easily. Then, there are medium-duty trucks that can haul both residential as well as commercial automobiles.

Heavy-duty towing services can tow most of the industrial-use and heavy commercial vehicles effectively. A reliable towing company requires not only to be ready to perform routine pickups but also to carry out vehicle recovery tasks for these oversized vehicles. Some of the vital equipment to have on hand includes heavy-duty crane mechanisms and winches, air cushion recovery, and undercarriage wheel lifts.

Let’s talk about some of the frequently asked questions FAQs regarding heavy-duty towing to get a better insight into these specialized towing services:

What Type Of Vehicles Require Heavy-Duty Towing Service?

Heavy-duty towing is needed when you need to haul large vehicles such as semi-trucks and trailers, motorhomes and RVs, buses, extreme vehicles like garbage trucks, big rigs, and bobtails, and construction machines. In addition to that, if your vehicle gets damaged due to an accident, a standard tow truck may not be sufficient to take care of it, and you will most probably need heavy-duty towing.

What Techniques Do Towing Companies Use For Heavy-Duty Towing?

Some automobiles can quickly be elevated onto a flatbed truck. However, to tow over-sized vehicles such as buses and motorhomes, you’ll need a wheel-lift, a hook, and a chain system. In some cases, towing firms may also place inflatables under a vehicle that has rolled over and fallen onto its side to lift it onto its wheels.

What Type Of Equipment Is Used To Tow Heavy-Duty Vehicles?

In order to tow large vehicles such as semi-trucks and tractor-trailers, powerful equipment is required. Usually, pulleys and winches are utilized for pulling the over-sized automobiles up onto the hitch or flatbed tow truck. After that, they’re secured with chains, straps, or pins.

How Should I Prepare My Vehicle For Heavy-Duty Towing?

It’s safe to say if your vehicle is out of the way of the passing traffic, you should stay put and wait for the professionals. If it’s not in a safe spot, place safety cones or flares around your vehicle. Apart from that, you don’t need to do much, simply wait on the side of the road for the arrival of the emergency towing services.

A reliable heavy-duty towing company will arrive at the right time at the correct location. They’ll have specialized equipment to move your vehicle to a safer place. Any attempt to tow your automobile by yourself or use different services other than heavy-duty towing can cause severe injuries or damage to your vehicle.

Will Heavy-Duty Towing Companies Cause Damage To My Vehicle?

Towing your large vehicle through an expert heavy-duty towing company shouldn’t result in any damage to it. An experienced towing service provider knows all the essential techniques used with this type of towing – this includes lifting and placing an oversized machine on a flatbed or hitch without causing any damage.

Action Towing provides expert heavy-duty towing services in Edmonton, Alberta. Visit our website to learn more about our professional towing services or contact us for personalized care.


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