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Essential Items You Should Keep In Your Car

Essential Items You Should Keep In Your Car

Having the right tools and accessories in your car emergency kit can make traveling safer. It is always recommended to stay prepared for the unexpected. Driving in Alberta can get you in situations where professional assistance becomes inevitable. Flat tire, car breakdown, and dead battery are some of the issues that can be resolved if you have the right tools and a little bit of knowledge. Your ability to deal with a roadside emergency depends largely on tools that you carry in your vehicle. Here are some useful items you should put in your car emergency kit:

1. Spare tire and tire changing kit

You should always have a spare tire and tools to change a flat tire so you can change the tire whenever needed. A tire changing kit may include a jack, tire lever, flat tire repair kit, a lug wrench, and a gauge. Changing a flat tire is an important life skill which can save you time and money. Some items are optional but they can make life easier. For example, a tire pressure gauge is a handy tool. Make sure your spare tire is properly inflated.

2. Car owner’s manual

It is important to have the car owner’s manual safely placed in your car. If you ever take it out to look up something, make sure to put it back. When people are out driving and need to know something technical about their vehicles, the owner’s manual will provide the important information they need. For instance, a car owner’s manual will explain how to appropriately maintain the correct tire pressure or how to troubleshoot some common mechanical problems.

3. Jumper Cables

It’s common for a vehicle’s battery to die, especially when you plan to go somewhere really important. Having jumper cables on hand will allow you to resolve the problem quickly. It is not a complicated process to jumpstart a car if you have the necessary tools and skill. Learning how to jumpstart a car will make life easier down the road. The car owner’s manual also provides guidelines on how to perform a jumpstart using recommended techniques.

4. First aid kit

Your car emergency kit must include a first aid kit which can be a big help to yourself and others around you. A few basic first aid items, such as bandages, antibiotic ointment, medical scissors, and pain relief medication can save lives. It wouldn’t be difficult for you to keep a first aid kit in your car. It’s even better if you get some training on how to use a first aid kit effectively.

There are other things that can be of great help in case of a roadside emergency. For example, a basic tool kit, flares, reflectors, a torch, and hi-vis safety vest. If you ever face a roadside emergency and you don’t have the equipment or skill to deal with the problem, call a towing company that provides roadside assistance service. Action Towing is the right place to call if you are in Edmonton and need some quick roadside assistance.


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