Driving Safe And Avoiding Roadside Emergencies

While driving through a busy area, neighbourhood streets, or even on the highway, your attention must be fully dedicated to driving your vehicle. However, it is common for all of us to be distracted by other tasks such as talking with fellow passengers, finding your favourite song on the radio or searching for your route on a GPS device. Similarly, there are many things that we do while driving every day, which are violations of traffic laws and regulations. We must be aware of these small but essential things before being liable to pay a lawful fine or getting in a roadside emergency.

Eating Or Drinking

Handling digital devices such as your cell phone or even drinking water from a bottle or eating while you are behind the steering wheel is prohibited under the most traffic regulations. This is because most of these activities distract those who drive and, even for a short time, removing full attention can mean slower reactions, which could possibly cause an accident. If you need to eat or drink, you should pull over and stop at a safe place.

Controlling The Steering Wheel

Apart from switching gears, both hands must remain on the steering wheel at all times, as indicated by the current rules of vehicle driving regulations in the city.


Overtaking other cars is normal, but only if done correctly:

  • Use indicators
  • Stay within speed limits
  • Don’t overtake when other vehicles stop and give way to passing pedestrians

Tow And Push

Even when following all the rules and regulations of the road, things can still go wrong. Everything might be going well, then suddenly, circumstances beyond your control cause your car to breakdown. If you’re faced with an unfortunate situation like this, be sure to pull your vehicle over to the side of the road and turn on your hazard lights.

Another mistake drivers can sometimes make is asking for help from unqualified parties. Asking for simple favours can be understandable, but asking for a tow or push by another vehicle will present problems of entirely new levels. This is completely prohibited if it is not done with a dedicated tow truck.

Fuel And Other Requirements

Traffic regulations state that people who drive vehicles must ensure they have:

  • Lights and reflectors on the front and back of their vehicles
  • Sufficient fuel and lubricants
  • Tires in appropriate condition to function safely
  • Fenders and windscreens are intact
  • Side and rearview mirrors are fully functional
  • Exhaust Muffler is installed
  • Seatbelts are operational and tested

Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is widespread in cities, although it is explicitly prohibited. Honking your vehicle horn without any serious purpose, or unless it may prevent an accident is a traffic violation. Even the sound of the engine must not be more than what is necessary. Now you know, from running out of gas to operating a GPS or eating a snack, they are enough reasons to get you a fine or get into an unwanted roadside emergency. Be sure to follow the rules to stay safe.


As the old saying goes that prevention is the best medicine, we urge that you drive safe so there is a minimum chance for you to get stuck in an accident or even in a roadside emergency. The tips given in this blog will definitely help drive safe and minimize the risk of roadside hazards. Remember to drive with caution and respect the laws to travel safely. If you want more tips to drive with caution, click here.

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