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How To Deal With A Car Lockout Situation

How To Deal With A Car Lockout Situation

Locking the keys in your vehicle is one of the mistakes most drivers are bound to make at some point. No matter how attentive or smart you are, some mistakes are unavoidable. Knowing how you can get back in your car without calling roadside assistance or a locksmith can make life easier. Whether or not you can unlock your car depends on the type of door locks your car has. Little knowledge and simple tools can fix the problem.

If you ever get locked out of your car, stay calm. It’s important to keep your nerves while dealing with such situations. A calm mind can overcome even a storm. In order to unlock the car, you can use some methods which might be a little embarrassing. Here is what you can do to unlock your car door:

Before you make any attempts, double check all the doors. Most people call a locksmith just to find out that one of the car doors were not locked. If you know where a spare key is located, there’s probably someone who can bring it to you. It will save you time and inconvenience.

String method

Tie a slipknot in the middle of a piece of tough string which is at least six feet long. Now, open the door at the top corner using a thin piece of wood or metal or anything that could serve the purpose. Try to slip the knot inside the car through a small opening. If you’re successful up to this point, work the string’s ends along the top and sides of the doors until you position the slipknot over the door’s lock’s post. Tighten the slipknot around the lock’s post. Before pulling up, make sure to secure it.

If done right, this method works in most cases. However, the string method only works on vehicles with post-style door locks that have a small knob at the top. If your door locks don’t have a knob at the top, this method isn’t for you.

Wedge and rod method

This method is for you if your vehicle has automatic door locks. Slip a wedge or doorstep underneath the top corner of your door and gently tap it in to separate the door from your car’s body. Now, insert a straightened coat hanger or long rod into the gap to reach the door lock switch and trigger it. If not done properly, you may end up damaging your car door. For example, putting too much pressure on the window can cause it to break.

If you don’t have the tools to get the job done safely, call roadside assistance service. In Edmonton, Action Towing provides emergency lockout services. Contact us for more information!


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