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The Costs Of DIY Towing: Why It’s Not Worth The Risk


Do-It-Yourself towing is never a viable alternative for auto users who are dedicated to maintaining the optimum condition of their vehicles, even though it may appear like a quick, practical solution.

Do-It-Yourself towing is an appealing idea that demands less stress, more command, and less money, but the risks far surpass the benefits. Here, we will examine the numerous risks associated with towing your own vehicle, highlighting why hiring a professional towing company is always the wisest course of action.

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Mismatched Towing Capacity

Severe damage could occur if an automobile is employed to tow another and the hitch cannot support the weight. Tow vehicles have stronger axles, motors, and frames and are given a maximum gross vehicle weight limit.

The vehicle’s braking and road performance will suffer if the maximum towing capacity is exceeded. Even when the tow is completed correctly, hidden damage will reduce the lifespan of the temporary towing vehicle.

Overloading the vehicle exerts excessive strain on the engine, which could result in overheating. Both the transmission and the brakes will eventually wear out. Unplanned DIY towing may not account for the vehicle’s gross weight rating, endangering the driver’s life and jeopardizing the safety of both cars.

Lack Of Proper Equipment

Most connecting equipment towing businesses use for their tow vehicles is difficult for the wider populace to obtain and can only be used effectively with proper training.

While it is possible to purchase a tow line and a limited selection of hitches for DIY towing, when misused, they can seriously harm the automobile being towed, and possibly other cars on the road.

In worst-case scenarios the load may separate during transport, resulting in a collision that puts other drivers in danger. The ideal situation is that the damage will be restricted to the bumpers if the connections between the two cars or the car and the trailer are unstable.

Proficiency Of Your Tow Driver

When DIY towing is a last-minute choice, the tow car driver will most likely lack experience and how to operate the vehicle safely. The tow car will have to make broader turns than usual to prevent the pulled car from hitting any curbs.

Secondly, more weight will result in more momentum. Keen concentration on vehicle handling is necessary when driving up and down hills. A towed vehicle may swing due to speeding or unsafe bends, which could lead to the driver losing control.

The transmission must be in neutral if the towed car’s wheels are on the ground, or else costly damage will be done to the engine and tires.

Greater Probability For Damage And Injury

Many customers are reluctant to use a towing service because of the erroneous worry that their car or their belongings will be harmed while loading or transporting. Nevertheless, the likelihood of it happening while dealing with a reputable towing service is almost none.

Potential hazards are significantly increased when an unskilled tow driver uses store-bought or improvised towing tools. In fact, by attempting to handle the towing procedure themselves, DIY practitioners risk injuring themselves, and others, in addition to their automobiles.

Beginners could injure themselves when securing or elevating the automobile, unloading it at its location, or anywhere in between if they don’t have the right tools or understand how to operate and tow a vehicle properly leaving you accountable for any damage.

Absence Of Backup

When you hire a certified towing service for a remote towing operation, your automobile is left with an effective workforce and plenty of supplies. They also have a complete backup team ready to go just in case.

On the other hand, if your DIY towing attempt fails for some reason, you and your companion will now both be stuck, frequently without enough support to get you home or to the nearest repair shop.

Lack Of Insurance

It frequently happens that your current insurance will not cover any expenses if your car suffers further harm during a DIY tow.

When you hire a skilled towing team, your car is protected from additional damage during the rescue operation and any subsequent transportation.

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