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Common Towing Scams And How To Avoid Them

Common Towing Scams And How To  Avoid Them

Towing scams are becoming common. Getting help from a towing company is a wise decision, but numerous hidden scams can cost you a fortune. It might seem like a miracle when a towing truck shows up just after your accident. But beware of their scams and frauds before accepting their help. You are already in a helpless condition, and they might take advantage of that.

This blog post mentions some of the towing scams you should watch out for before accepting help from a towing company.

Common Towing Scams

Exaggerating Your Problem

Sometimes, you may not be sure of what the problem is with your vehicle. You call your roadside assistance, and they come to detect the problem. When they see you don’t know anything about your car, they might take advantage of you.

They might exaggerate a problem that is even not there. They may trick you into paying for unnecessary costs.

There Might Be “Chaser” Drivers

It is illegal if your tow driver suggests you a local repair shop or storage garage. Such drivers are called chasers, and they might get their commission from those local repair shops.

Your insurance company may or may not work with those shops. You will have to pay out of pocket if you choose to take their services. This might cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars, especially when you don’t know the problem.

There Might Be Hidden Costs

Some towing companies might not disclose their payment plan. There might be hidden costs for towing per kilometer, storage, spare parts, and more. Moreover, they might charge you more according to severe weather, the time of day, type of vehicle, or road conditions.

They Have A Bad Reputation

While this may not be considered a scam, you can use this point to save yourself from towing scams. The Internet gives you the facility to research for a particular towing company and its customer reviews. A company that has a poor reputation online won’t provide quality services.

Furthermore, many companies pretend to partner with your insurance company. They take information from you and use that information to scam you later on. A reputable towing company will never ever ask for information from you because they might have it already.

How To Avoid Towing Scams

Call Your Insurance Company

The first thing you must do to be on the safe side is to call your insurance company. There will be a trustable representative who can guide you about the process. Carrying collision insurance will cover your towing and repair costs. Moreover, keep your insurance information to yourself so nobody can use it against you.

Collect All Information

It is better if you collect information from the company for your record. You can ask a towing company for a printed invoice, including the towing fee, storage fee, and other miscellaneous charges. You can also ask for the name and ID card of the towing officer. There is no guarantee that you can fight a charge without a written document.

Check Their Municipal License Number

Some large municipalities issue municipal numbers to tow trucks. This identification can confirm their originality. If you live in such a municipality, you must check for this number.

Other Tips To Protect Yourself From Towing Scams

  • Read the towing documents thoroughly before signing them
  • Ask for any hidden costs before payment
  • Call the police if you don’t find the towing company to be legitimate
  • Don’t let any towing company take your vehicle without your permission
  • Ask for the license numbers of the tow trucks
  • Avoid unsolicited services

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