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Common Reasons Why Your Car May Not Start

ICommon Reasons Why Your Car May Not Start

Cars, like many machines, can be unpredictable. One day, all of a sudden, your car might not start for some reason. You might be in a hurry to do your chores and complete daily tasks. Not knowing the reason behind the issue that seems to have just popped up out of nowhere can be even more frustrating. If pressing the ignition button or turning the key again and again doesn’t do anything, there might be an underlying problem within the car that requires a professional’s help.

Whether your car is new or old, problems can happen with it. So, you need to keep in contact with a professional roadside assistance service that can offer you the mechanical help you need to get back on the road as soon as possible. This blog post aims to discuss the various causes that might lead to your car not starting.

The Battery Is Dead

This one is the most common reason why your car won’t start. A battery delivers electrical power to the car and its parts such as its radio, lights, wiper, etc. When it doesn’t have enough power, it won’t start your car. The alternator charges the battery.

If there is a problem with that, your car’s battery won’t function properly. Other common reasons for a dead battery might include:

  • The battery has completed its lifespan
  • You left your car headlights on for hours without using them
  • The wire is loose
  • The water inside evaporated due to heat exposure and led to poor conductivity
  • Corrosion on your batteries terminals
  • Car swelling or bulging due to high temperatures

If you suspect any problems with your car’s battery, call a professional roadside assistance service to help you. A dead battery might need to be replaced or recharged. However, you can resolve the loose wire issue and connect it temporarily to a terminal till you reach a nearby mechanic.

Your Fuel Filter Is Blocked

Fuel filters are responsible for transferring the filtered fuel to the engine. If there is a problem with the fuel filter, the gasoline won’t reach the engine, and thus, your car won’t start. Fuel filters must be replaced every 15,000 to 20,000 kilometers. Therefore, it is best to replace them on time to avoid any car starting problems.

Problems With The Ignition Coil

The ignition coil is also an important component of a car’s engine. It helps to convert the battery’s voltage into an electrical spark that ignites the engine. If there is a problem with the ignition coil, it won’t produce a spark strong enough to run the engine. A professional will check the strength of the spark using a multimeter, if it is not strong enough, they will suggest that you have your induction or ignition coil changed.

Issues With The Fuel Pump

A fuel pump helps to burn gas as a part of the combustion process. The fuel pump’s job is to transfer the fuel from the tank to the engine with enough pressure to support the speed of the car. When you start the car, your fuel pump helps to transfer the fuel to the engine. If there is an issue with the fuel pump your car will not start up. A failed pump needs to be replaced in such scenarios. Your professional roadside company can help you if your car needs its fuel pump replaced.

Problem With The Ignition Switch

If there is no problem with your car’s battery, then there might be an issue with your car’s ignition switch. You can check if there is a problem with your car’s battery or not by turning on the headlights. If they turn on, then there is the possibility that the problem is with your car’s ignition switch.

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