Common Challenges And Hazards Associated With The Towing Profession

The towing industry in Canada is growing in popularity due to the increasing number of vehicles on the roads, which leads to the growing demand for roadside and towing services. While many consider towing a simple job, recovering stuck or damaged vehicles requires experience, equipment, and powerful trucks. Safety can only be insured when tow operators do their job in a professional manner.

Tow truck drivers are professional people who take their work seriously. We can’t rule out the possibility of failed towing operations even when an experienced team of professionals handles a project. In other words, towing is a job that involves safety hazards. Not everyone can perform towing or drive a tow truck, even if they’re good at driving lightweight vehicles; you need proper training and certification before carrying out a hauling job. Here are some situations where only professional tow drivers can handle challenges associated with this industry:

Road navigation

When you’re transporting a car from one place to another or pulling a trailer, the difficult part of the job is to navigate on the roads, especially when the roads are slippery or have potholes. To get the job done satisfactorily, a driver must be well aware of the circumstances and road conditions. People who drive cars or light-weight vehicles often find it difficult to deal with a bumpy road. Just imagine the challenge when you have to tow a heavy object or trailer. Situational awareness is an important factor that helps tow truck drivers navigate on the roads with ease and speed.

Bad Weather

Almost every driver understands how difficult it is to drive in bad weather conditions where rain, snow or air can make things really difficult. It’s almost impossible to recover a vehicle in poor light conditions due to snow or rain. Therefore, tow truck drivers have to be extra cautious in bad weather. Whether you want to mount something onto the flatbed or tow behind it, it’s recommended not to drive in poor weather.

Poor tow truck driving skills

As mentioned earlier, driving a tow truck requires alertness, driving skills, and discipline. While a professional tow truck driver is supposed to have the necessary certification and license, it’s important for them to know how to deal with other drivers on the road with poor driving skills. Drivers who don’t pay due attention to road safety and regulations can make the towing operations even more difficult. It might be easy to drive large vehicles on roads with less traffic. No matter the weather or road conditions, you must have the necessary skills and experience before towing something.

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