Car Warning Signs You Should Watch Out For

Modern vehicles offer an improved level of safety, comfort, and sophistication. They are dependable in terms of performance and durability. Nevertheless, all vehicles require adequate maintenance in order to remain in a good working condition. With regular maintenance, your car is likely to exceed 100 thousand miles without any major repairs.

While a well-maintained car is surely reliable, mechanical problems can occur anytime and leave you stranded in the middle of the road. In order to prevent roadside emergencies or expensive repairs, watch out for the following car warning signs:

Warning lights

Most modern vehicles come with a warning light system which indicates many issues and helps us take appropriate steps to resolve issues before they take place. Each warning light conveys a different message. For example, the oil pressure warning light turns on when the car lost oil pressure which means you should check the oil level or take your car to an auto shop. Similarly, the brake warning light indicates brake circuits could be suffering a loss in hydraulic pressure.

Strange engine noises

Normal sounds of a running engine indicate nothing strange. It is not hard to observe a change in sounds which indicates that there is something wrong. For instance, a light squealing noise at startup is the sign indicating a potential issue with pulleys or belts. A distinctive knocking sound can be an early sign of a problem with engine valvetrain. Simply put, take your car to a nearby auto shop whenever you hear strange sounds coming from the engine or other areas.

Grinding, squealing or pulsing from the brakes

Most drivers often overlook brakes as they think brakes don’t require maintenance. It is important to remember that brakes are one of the most critical parts of your car and they must be given due attention. Brake pads wear continuously and they should be replaced when they reach their expected service life. Whenever you hear grinding or squealing sound coming out of your car’s brakes, get your car to a mechanic for inspection. When the pads reach their expected service life, they start making a high-pitch squeal. Never ignore these sounds or warnings.

If your car ever breaks down and you don’t have the tools or skills to troubleshoot or fix the problem, call a roadside assistance service company that has the resources to recover your car and take it to a repair shop. In Edmonton, Action Towing is one of the most reputable roadside assistance companies which helps people with their towing or roadside assistance needs. Visit our website or contact us for more information!