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Boosting Service 101: What Edmonton Drivers Need To Know

Boosting Service 101: What Edmonton Drivers Need To Know

In the vibrant city of Edmonton, where every commute is a journey of its own, drivers often find themselves in situations that call for the expertise of a reliable towing company. Navigating the bustling streets can be unpredictable, and when unforeseen circumstances strike, having a solid understanding of boosting services can be a game-changer.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the essentials of boosting service by experienced towing companies in Edmonton that drivers need to know to navigate these challenging moments effectively.

Understanding Boosting Services

What Is Boosting?

Boosting, in the context of towing services, refers to jump-starting a vehicle’s dead battery. A dead battery can happen to anyone, anywhere, and usually at the most inconvenient times. Whether you’re running late for a meeting or stuck in the middle of a cold winter night, a reliable boosting service can be a lifesaver.

Why Boosting Matters?

When your car’s battery is dead, your vehicle won’t start. Boosting services quickly provide the necessary jump-start to revive your battery, allowing you to get back on the road without the need for an expensive tow.

Common Causes Of Dead Batteries

Extreme Temperatures

Edmonton is known for its diverse weather conditions, from freezing winters to scorching summers. These extremes can take a toll on your vehicle’s battery, causing it to lose charge faster.

Age Of The Battery

Like any other component, car batteries have a lifespan. As they age, they become more prone to failure, leading to unexpected dead battery situations. Regular battery checks and maintenance can significantly extend their life and minimize the risk of inconvenient breakdowns.

Electrical Issues

Issues within the vehicle’s electrical system can contribute to a dead battery. Faulty alternators, parasitic drains, or corroded connections are common culprits.

What To Do When Your Battery Dies

1. Stay Safe

If your vehicle suddenly dies, ensure your safety and that of others. Move to a safe location, such as the shoulder of the road or a parking lot, and turn on your hazard lights to alert fellow motorists.

2. Identify The Problem

Try to assess whether the issue is indeed a dead battery. Are your lights dim, and does the engine make a clicking noise when you turn the key? These are classic signs of a dead battery.

3. Call A Professional Towing Company

While some drivers might attempt to jump-start their cars with the help of another vehicle, it’s often safer and more effective to call a professional towing company. They have the expertise and equipment to handle the situation without causing damage to your vehicle’s electrical system.

Choosing The Right Towing Company

Experience And Reputation

Look for a towing company with a proven track record in boosting services. Check online reviews and testimonials to gauge their reputation and reliability.

Response Time

Emergencies require swift action. A towing company with a quick response time ensures that you’re not left stranded for an extended period.


Opt for a towing company that offers 24/7 services. Car troubles don’t adhere to a schedule, and having access to assistance at any time of day or night is invaluable.

Preventing Future Dead Battery Incidents

Regular Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance checks can identify potential battery issues before they become major problems. Ensure your battery is inspected and tested regularly.

Invest In Quality Batteries

When it’s time to replace your battery, invest in a high-quality one. While it might seem cost-effective to opt for a cheaper alternative, a reliable battery is a wise long-term investment.

Carry Jumper Cables

Having a set of jumper cables in your vehicle can be a temporary solution while waiting for professional assistance. However, it’s crucial to use them correctly to avoid damage to your vehicle’s electrical system.

About Action Towing

Action Towing is dedicated to providing top-notch towing services in Edmonton and surrounding areas. With a commitment to professionalism and customer satisfaction, we specialize in a range of services, including boosting, roadside assistance, and towing. Our experienced team is available 24/7 to ensure you receive prompt and reliable assistance whenever you need it. Trust us to get you back on the road safely and efficiently and contact us today.


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