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Benefits Of Using Winter Tires

Benefits Of Using Winter Tires

Before we start exploring the numerous benefits of using winter tires in the winter, it’s crucial to understand how they are different from regular or all-season tires. First of all, Winter tires are different from studded snow tires. They don’t have the metal studs to help drivers get some extra traction in icy conditions. Instead, winter tires are designed with distinctive tread patterns that help drivers have more control over their vehicles in cold weather. Since winter tires are made of specialized rubber, they work best in cold temperatures.

Winter tires have deep patterns with more grooves and cuts in the tread so that more edges can bite into the snow. All-season tires offer a combination of features: fuel economy, long tread life, economy, ride quality, and traction. However, tires that perform well in summer heat don’t provide the same traction and control in the winter.

The tread compound used in standard tires becomes hard, losing traction and flexibility in freezing temperatures. When it comes to winter in Edmonton, you need to prepare your car for surprisingly low temperatures. Here are some of the benefits of using winter tires:

Better braking

Drivers have the inclination to hit the brakes in panic situations, which can create dangerous situations especially when the road is wet. Season-inappropriate tires can become problematic when they don’t respond by skidding over a slippery surface. Using winter tires when the temperature dips below zero will improve your chances of avoiding dangerous skids.

Superior traction

As mentioned earlier, winter tires provide thin slits cut horizontally across the tread. When the roads are wet due to snow, you need an improved tire grip to deal with winter driving conditions. From black ice to heavy snowfall, roads in Edmonton become unpredictable. You should equip your car with tires that can provide traction like no other season of the year.

Hydroplane resistance

A car can slide uncontrollably as the tires roll over frozen roads. Winter tires significantly reduce this phenomenon commonly known as hydroplaning. Specialty grooves push the water off to the side, enabling you to ensure smooth drive even on the toughest winter conditions. The narrower width of winter tires increases the pressure exerted, making it easier for the tires to cut through the snow rather than floating on it. The rubber in all-season tires gets harder and their ability to safely grip the road reduces. One of the benefits of using winter tires is that they provide flexibility in the sub-zero environment.

Make sure to prepare your car for winter to avoid season-related problems. If you ever get stuck in Edmonton, call our trusted vehicle recovery service to get immediate assistance.

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