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Always Keep A Towing Company’s Number On Speed Dial

Always Keep A Towing Company's Number On Speed Dial

Once you leave your home, there is no knowing where you might end up. Life is always happening and uncertainties are sure to occur. If this is not enough to keep you prepared, think of the possible issues that you might face while spending your day outside your home. Especially if you are on the road. It might sound discouraging but the number of accidents in the past few years shows a steady rise. This means that this year, chances are there will be more accidents than the previous year.

According to statistics given by the Canadian government, there is an increase in roadside accidents. In those accidents, people are getting more severe health repercussions and the number of victims is also increasing. This shows how dangerous it can be once you leave your home in the morning. This also shows why everyone must have a number of a professional citywide towing service company in this city. This blog will give you some insights on being prepared and keeping handy a good towing service in case of emergencies, especially in the city of Edmonton, Alberta.

What is a towing service?

Towing service is the service you get when your car needs to be carried, pulled, towed or moved from one place to another without being further damaged. This need, to tow a car from one place to another can be due to an accident, dead engine, car system being locked or car being damaged in case of an attempt of theft.

All these reasons require you to tow your car to a certain place which can be a mechanic, your insurance company or perhaps police custody in case of a legal matter. A towing service can be used by anyone, anywhere and frankly, it’s supposed to provide citywide service for matters explained above.

The most important part of a towing service provider is for them to send out a tow truck after they ask you what needs to be towed. In simpler words, a professional towing service will not send a small truck to tow a bus or perhaps another truck. They actually have to calculate the weight ratios and then decide which towing vehicle is to be used for a certain job.

Difference between roadside assistance and towing

People often confuse roadside assistance with towing services. They are not the same as roadside assistance may not require your vehicle to be towed. Roadside assistance is more of an on the go service. In case you are stranded somewhere and need a tire replaced, need some fuel or maybe need some minor mechanical assistance. Still, roadside assistance may not require you to tow your vehicle.

Why choose a professional towing service

Going for a professional towing service is essential. The fact that you may require a towing service is not pleasant at all. Imagine if an unprofessional towing service is called and you remain cringing while the service is being conducted.

An unprofessional towing service can put scratches on your vehicle since they are not careful enough and maybe they are not even trained enough to tow a vehicle properly. A professional towing service will make sure you remain stress free as they do their job.

Things to look for in professional towing company

It’s quite easy to check if the selected towing company is professional or not. Just follow the checklist below:

  • Ask details about your vehicle
  • Offer round the clock services
  • Can work in bad weather as well
  • They offer citywide services
  • They have multiple towing vehicles
  • They have good customer service
  • They are active in responding to your queries
  • They reach in considerable short time
  • Do not leave you stranded at odd hours of the day or night
  • They are well informed about the vicinity of your place
  • Their staff is courteous and professional
  • They are affordable
  • They handle your vehicle safely
  • They give you towing insurance
  • They are certified and licensed
  • They can give you a fast towing service
  • They work under standard operational procedures

If the selected company has the above-mentioned points in their services, you will be well prepared and taken care of.

When not to call a towing company

It is important that you do not call a towing service before the police arrive if your in an accident. Chances are the police might not really understand the reason for the accident or they are not able to find the person responsible for the accident. So it is advised that you wait for the police to show up and do their job before you get your vehicle towed.

Action Towing service is one of the best towing services in Edmonton. We offer excellent customer service. We understand people are in a tough situation when they call and should be served properly. In case you need to know more, visit our website or simply ask for your towing services needs.


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