All You Need To Know About Choosing A Vehicle's Tires For The Winter Season

Harsh winter conditions can make driving hard. It is even harder when you don’t have the right kind of vehicle or tires. Imagine having your car slip every time you try to drive straight.

Before you head out in the snowy weather, check if your tires are good enough to drive your car in such conditions. Driving in a snowy state is difficult regardless of the vehicle that you drive. Thus, being a responsible driver, you must invest in the right kind of winter tires. Having the right winter tires can save you from getting into an accident.

In case you experience vehicle trouble due to worn-out tires, contact emergency roadside assistance services right away for immediate help. This blog highlights the things that you need to know about buying tires for the winter season.

Know The Size Of Your Tires

The first step in choosing the right winter tires is to know the size of your tires. There is a code printed on the sidewall of the tire. This code provides a format where the alphabet represents the tires type. The next thing represents the width of the tread. Then, there is a percentage of the top of the tread to the width of the tread, also called the aspect ratio. Finally, there is the construction and wheel diameter. The tire size will impact your overall driving experience and traction quality.

Know The Type Of The Tire That You Need

To know about the type of tire you might need, you must know the road you will be driving on. There are different types of tires such as:

  • Ice/snow tires: ideal for icy conditions because of their superior traction quality
  • All-season tires: they have a good tread life and suitable for all kinds of weather
  • Mud terrain tires: these types of tires are great to work in muddy conditions
  • Spare tires: spare tires are there to save your day
  • Summer tires: such tires can withstand harsh summer weather
  • Touring tires: giving the least noise, these tires are great for all-use cases

What Are Your Road Conditions?

Buying winter tires also requires you to know the types of road conditions you will be driving on. You may be planning to buy winter tires for driving within a city, on a highway, or unpaved paths. Each of these road conditions needs different types of tires.

For city driving, you will need to look for longevity and fuel economic tires. For highways, you need tires that have better handling, braking distance, and comfort. You may need better traction and strength for unpaved paths. Thus, knowing the type of road in which you frequently drive would be helpful.

What Is Your Driving Style?

Look for tires that match your driving style. If you want a smooth and comfortable ride, opt for tires that provide comfort and low noise. Avoid too many tread designs. They may look cool but can be very noisy.

If you want to feel every curve of the road, look for the style that offers more handling and precision. They provide better control and are stiffer.

Set A Budget

Your budget will also estimate the type of tire you will be able to get for your winter trips. Every tire has a different category according to quality. Your budget will help you find the most suitable tire for your vehicle.

You can also ask for some professional help to check and suggest the best tire for you. Furthermore, ask your friends or family members who have experience in buying tires. However, there is no such thing as a perfect tire. Every tire comes with its weaknesses and strengths. You only need to know the most suitable one for you.

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