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What To Do About The Abandoned Vehicle On Your Property


A vehicle is often a prized possession, but many people abandon them for different reasons. However, dumping them in a corner of your property is not the right way to go about this. It is not only dangerous, but the car can become an eyesore after some time. Moreover, if you have an abandoned car on your property that does not belong to you, you will have to involve the authorities.

Such abandoned vehicles take valuable parking spaces in residential or commercial areas and make other people skeptical about you if it is abandoned near your property. If your car is in a feeble condition, it is best to call for Auto Scrap Removal services and get it removed.

Many people think that abandoned vehicles are theirs now as someone has left their vehicle there and hasn’t cared to take care of it. However, it is not that simple as some legal rules are involved. Dealing with an abandoned vehicle in your neighborhood or property can be quite a complex process that you must know how to deal with.

Therefore, as providers of one of the best free auto scrap removal services, we have curated this blog detailing the technicalities behind an abandoned vehicle.

What Does It Mean To Have An Abandoned Car On Your Property?

If you are not familiar with the term abandoned car on your property, let us clarify it. A vehicle can be deemed abandoned if it has been on your property without permission for 72 hours. You can also check with your government city officials to determine if you meet the requirements for an abandoned car and what you can do about it. Finding an abandoned car and claiming it can put you in a legal problem. Therefore, you must know the proper steps to find an abandoned car on your property.

Check Your Local Laws For Abandoned Vehicles

After finding a vehicle on your property, the first and most important thing you must do is check the local rules regarding vehicle parking on your city streets. Most commonly, any vehicle parked in your neighborhood without any notice is considered abandoned if it has been lying there for more than 72 hours.

There are also some ordinances regarding disabled vehicles. Disabled vehicles are immobilized because of some problems with the engine, tires, doors, or any other important driving equipment. You can call your mail or city manager’s office to get advice on such issues and check which rules apply to abandoned vehicles. Notifying your local authorities will prevent you from getting into any kind of legal issue.

Check Whether The Vehicle Is Abandoned Or Not

Sometimes people park their cars because they cannot find a place anywhere else. If you think that none of your neighbors or nearby business owners owns this car, you can determine whether the vehicle is abandoned. Most abandoned cars are usually in bad shape. They have problems with their engine or doors, flat tires, or expired license plates. It is necessary to contact your law enforcement or any other emergency number in such cases.

Call A Towing Company

Many towing companies are there which can help you get rid of abandoned cars on your property. Abandoned vehicles on your commercial or residential properties can be quite disturbing. However, you can call a towing and recovery service to help you get rid of that abandoned vehicle once and for all. They have the necessary trucks and trailers to tow any kind of vehicle and transfer it to a safe location. Moreover, if you want to claim an abandoned vehicle, you can contact your city’s controller.

Final Thoughts

Finding an abandoned car on your property is an uncommon sight. However, you must know which proper actions to take to legally transfer this car to its desired location. Claiming that vehicle might put you in hot waters as such vehicles are sometimes involved in theft or other illegal activities. Therefore, you must report it to your local authority as they will know the proper steps.

About Action Towing

If you want help with towing an abandoned vehicle from your property, we are ready to help you. Action Towing has been serving and earning the trust of the community of Edmonton for many years now. Being a reputable towing, recovery, and roadside assistance service company in Edmonton, we only rely on highly skilled tow truck drivers and the latest equipment. Contact us for more information.


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