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6 Common Reasons For Car Accidents And How To Avoid Them

6 Common Reasons For Car Accidents And How To Avoid Them

Very few people realize that car accidents are one of the major causes of fatalities in the world. Car accidents happen every day, and most of the time, human error is responsible for it. According to WHO stats, around 1.35 million people die annually because of car accidents. While they are inevitable, you can always avoid them as much as possible.

With this, it becomes crucial to know the causes of an accident and what you can do to avoid them. Just because you are careful doesn’t mean all the other drivers on the road are going to be careful too. This blog will highlight all the common reasons for accidents and how you can minimize them.

Improper Maintenance Of A Car

If your car is not in excellent condition, don’t take it on the road and risk your life. A poorly maintained car is a risk to everyone on the road and can cause fatal accidents. Not replacing worn-out tires, an overheating car, radiator problems, broken mirrors, shock issues, and others can be serious.

Therefore, ensure your car is in excellent condition before getting back on the road. Check all its engine components, tires, and other things. You can also call your mechanic to have your car checked for any problems.

Rear-End Collision

This one is a common sight to see when on the road. It happens because people don’t keep enough distance between cars. Most of the time, it’s the fault of the rear driver for this collision because he had not left enough distance thus costing them hefty fines.

Keeping the right distance from the vehicle ahead of you is crucial. Maintain at least 3 seconds later distance to pass through the same point. Ensure that your brake lights are working. Also, avoid driving when drowsy and limit distractactions.

Crossing Red Lights

Traffic signals are there to maintain traffic flow. Breaking their rules can be costly for you in terms of money, your car, or even your life. Crossing red signals is another common cause of accidents on the road.

You should follow the traffic rules and ensure that no one is coming to the intersection as you cross it. Be cautious if you are approaching a yellow light rather than trying to cross it. Slow down a little, even if you are crossing on a green light.

Unfamiliarity With The Area

You would have noticed that if you are new to a place, you are extra cautious. You are unfamiliar with the traffic rules there. Even if you don’t know the directions of the road, this unfamiliarity with the rules and directions can lead to a car accident.

So, if you are in a car or walking, try to take your time to become familiar with the rules and directions of the new place. It is good to ask a relative about the local rules if you want to avoid accidents in a foreign country.

Reckless Driving

People curse reckless drivers. After all, it is a dangerous habit to drive recklessly and annoy other drivers on the road. You would often have seen that such drivers end up in horrible accidents while also affecting and taking the lives of other drivers.

Be a responsible citizen and avoid reckless driving at all costs. Don’t change your lanes frequently and maintain your speed. Avoid using your horn and overtaking for no reason.

Unexpected Weather

Rainy conditions can be dangerous for you on the road. Worn-out tires can cause cars to slip on wet roads causing collisions with other vehicles. Dense fog is another problem drivers have to face during winter.

You can avoid this if your car has been properly maintained. Check if your tires are safe to use and that your fog lights are working. Also, drive slow in severe weather.

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