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6 Factors Which Affect Towing Success

6 Factors Which Affect Towing Success

Towing a car is not as easy as you may think. This is a technical and professional job that only professionally trained experts can carry out successfully. However, the success of a towing process depends on several factors. This blog shares some of these factors for a better understanding of the process.

Compatibility Between The Towing & Client’s Vehicle

The vehicle that needs towing and the towing truck that experts bring for recovery or towing must be compatible. The weight, size, type of vehicle, and engine power must be according to the recommended specifications.

Suppose a towing vehicle with a smaller engine and light-weight body comes to rescue a heavier and bigger vehicle. In that case, the towing is not likely to be successful. Even if the smaller vehicle somehow manages to pull the larger vehicle, it will severely damage the engine.

Condition Of Client’s Car Brakes

The brakes of the client’s car need to be in perfect condition. If there has been some damage to them during the accident or breakdown, the experts must fix it first. Without proper functioning of the car’s brakes, there is a high chance of an accident.

A successful towing process requires both the vehicles to be at least able to drive on their wheels and be stopped by applying brakes whenever needed. It can save the towing truck and the car, and other vehicles on the road as well. Functional brakes are the most crucial factor that affects the success of a towing procedure.

Strength Of The Towing Cable

The towing cable is the backbone of a towing process. The strength and flexibility of the towing cable or wire are the ultimate factors that determine the efficiency and success of a towing. The cable needs to be strong and flexible in order to tow the car efficiently.

A flexible cable will be able to withstand more weight, and be able to prevent jerks and shocks during the towing process. A rigid, totally inflexible cable may break many times during a single towing procedure.

Condition Of The Road

Another critical factor that influences the towing of a vehicle is the condition of the road. A road can be dry or wet and can have snow and ice on it during the winter. It changes the overall scenario for towing a vehicle. The tow truck needs to have specific arrangements such as the tires and chains to wrap the tires in snow, for instance. It also changes how a towing expert will drive the towing truck while towing a client’s car.

Speed Of The Tow Truck

At what speed a tow truck driver should drive significantly impacts a towing process’s success. The driver must neither drive too fast to endanger his safety nor too slow to disturb traffic flow on the road and take more time to reach the destination.

Distance To Cover

Where the car has broken down and where the towing truck has to take it to is a huge factor. The distance a towing truck has to tow the vehicle changes the towing process’s requirements and specifications. Which towing truck will be suitable? What type of towing cable will be useful?, and other things may vary depending on the distance. Whether it is a long-distance tow or a short-distance tow is a crucial question to ask your towing experts.

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