5 Things That Can Help You Tow a Trailer Safely

Successful towing operations demand reliable equipment and skills. Without training and skills, it is hard for a person to tow a trailer safely even if he has the required tools. Knowing how to drive a vehicle does not necessarily mean that you can tow a trailer as well. There are certain technicalities that need to be considered. So do not confuse driving a car with driving a tow truck. Here are 6 considerations that can help you tow a trailer safely without causing any trouble:

1. Towing capacity

It is crucial to know the capacity of your vehicle or how much load it can carry. Never connect your truck with a trailer without evaluating the towing capacity of your truck. Exceeding limits can lead to a failure. Consult your truck’s manual in order to get the required information.

2. Inspection

Safety is of utmost significance when it comes to transporting heavy objects from one place to another. Every Time you plan to carry out a tow mission, do a walk-around inspection of the equipment: cables, hitch, tires, etc. As you proceed with the towing process, you should check tire pressure and brake drum every time you pull over.

3. Brakes

We know how important it is to have perfectly working vehicle brakes. Make sure trailer-brake controller of your truck is in good shape. Poorly functioning brakes can cause irreparable damages. It is hard to stop a truck immediately when you are hauling heavy loads. So give yourself some room and apply brakes gently as heavy braking accelerates wear and tear process.

4. Tire inspection

Tire maintenance is absolutely essential whether you drive a car or a heavy tow truck. Tires wear down so they need to be maintained and replaced on time in order to avoid any unpleasant road incident. Importance of tire maintenance even increases in case of towing vehicles. Tires should be properly inflated in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations. Under or over inflated tires ask for trouble.

5. Use of mirrors

Drivers understand how crucial it is to use and pay attention to side-view mirrors while changing lanes. Extended side-view mirrors allow tow drivers to see traffic approaching from both sides. They are necessary if your tow vehicle is pulling a trailer that blocks your rear-view sight.

It is recommended to consult a professional and experienced towing expert or company if you do not have the necessary tools and skills to perform a towing task. Action Towing is a renowned company that has been providing reliable and affordable towing and roadside assistance in Edmonton city for many years. Consult us and get instant towing solutions 24/7!