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5 Things You Should Never Do During 4WD Recovery

5 Things You Should Never Do During 4WD Recovery

Getting stuck in the mud in your 4WD isn’t the most pleasant experience, especially when you have been looking forward to some off-road action after the long winter season. However, this is not uncommon; 4WDs bogged in snow, mud, and dirt are recovered almost every day annually. Yet, many people still don’t have the necessary knowledge to recover a stuck 4X4 safely. Too many things can go wrong during a recovery operation; therefore, it is recommended that you contact an emergency vehicle recovery service.

This blog delves into some of the common mistakes you need to avoid when recovering a 4WD to prevent any serious accidents from occurring.

Using A Tow Ball

Throwing a snatch strap or winch over the tow ball when recovering a 4WD is very dangerous. The design of the tow balls makes them brittle, and they are not strong enough to handle a heavy vehicle recovery. Tow balls cannot handle the stress a winch puts on them, and snatching off your tow ball will very likely cause it to shear off. A chunk of metal like that will fly through the air with the speed of a fired bullet and has the potential to be fatal.

Standing Close To The Action

Another very common mistake many people make when recovering a 4X4 is standing too close to the action. It’s natural to get curious and want to see what’s happening, but this curiosity can get you killed. Therefore, you should stand at a distance that is almost double the length of the snatch strap or winch cable being used. This way, you will be able to witness the action while remaining at a safe distance – removing the risk of getting struck by a piece of recovery equipment.

Recovery Before Using A Shovel

No one wants to shovel their driveway on a good day, be it snow or mud, let alone use it when your 4WD is tired deep in mud. But digging around the tires of your bogged-up 4WD can reduce the stress on your recovery gear significantly. This will speed up the towing process, getting your 4WD out of the unpleasant situation without much damage. Dig in front of all four wheels using a shovel to give your jeep a chance to come up to the surface again without having to push through tonnes of mud, sand, or snow.

Ignoring The Tire Pressure Level

The tire pressure of your vehicle is one of the most important details when you are 4WDing. You need to double-check the pressure level of all four wheels of your 4WD before starting the recovery operation. One easy way to make the recovery process less complicated, in sandy areas especially, is to ensure that the tires are at the right pressure level. Don’t hesitate to let your 4WD tires down a bit more if required; it will make the process quick and safe. Make sure to monitor the pressure change when the tires heat up.

Recovering A Vehicle In Reverse

If you do not want to spend money on a new gearbox for your 4WD, then do not recover it in reverse. The gearbox of your 4WD isn’t strong in reverse, unlike the first or second gear. It was designed to ensure that its maximum strength can drive forward 95 % of the journey. The stronger rear axle bears most of the load, which puts less stress on the CV’s joints, keeping the suspension loaded as it should and applies force to the gear’s sides. Therefore, you should recover your stuck vehicle going forward after turning it around, if possible.

Suppose you avoid making the mistakes mentioned above during the recovery of your 4WD. In that case, the process should run smoothly without any permanent gearbox damage as well as any injury or fatality in the case of people being nearby. Follow all safety precautions and contact a heavy-duty towing service provider near you to recover your 4WD.

At Action Towing, we provide expert vehicle towing services and emergency roadside assistance throughout Edmonton and surrounding areas. For more information regarding personalized services, contact us today.


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