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5 Must Have Roadside Assistance Tools For Every Driver

5 Must Have Roadside Assistance Tools For Every Driver

Cars break down whether it’s due to a flat tire, harsh weather, an unexpected collision, or a dead battery, you need to be prepared for any unforeseen eventuality. Whenever you find yourself in such a situation, having these five tools can help you get back on the road.

Pressure Gauge

Having adequate tire pressure is essential for your safety, fuel consumption, and optimum vehicle performance. Therefore, it’s vital that you check your tire pressure on a regular basis. A tire pressure gauge helps you do just that.

Usually, a tires’ pressure is anywhere from 32 to 35 PSI, depending on your area’s weather and environmental conditions. However, do check your owner manual for the exact PSI figures your vehicle needs. Good quality tire pressure gauges are readily available at local automotive and hardware stores.

Torque Wrenches

Have you ever wondered why your vehicle’s owner manual has a torque specification for lug nuts? That’s because over-tightening or under-tightening these fasteners can have a catastrophic impact on your vehicle. For example, over-tightening cylinder head bolts can result in coolant loss.

A torque wrench helps you apply a specific torque to tighten a fastener, such as screws, nuts, and bolts. It comes in handy when the tightness of your fasteners is absolutely crucial. A good quality torque wrench allows you to set the torque to match the specifications for a particular use. While several torque wrenches are available in the market, we recommend an interchangeable one as it is the most versatile.

Automotive Code Reader

Warning lights such as ABS or Check Engine lights can be annoying – especially when you have no idea what’s causing it while your car has come to a halt. An automotive code reader is a simple diagnostic tool that gets rid of engine lights and other related issues. It attaches to your car’s onboard computer and helps you analyze, interpret and clear any warning lights.

This tool can be an incredible help by providing you a good starting point for diagnostics. Automotive code readers are available in a variety of customizable features and price points. You can easily find a suitable code reader well under 100 bucks at your local hardware or automotive store.

Warning Triangles

It’s dangerous to stop in the middle of the road. But, when your car breaks down, it doesn’t always stop on the roadside. That’s why you need warning triangles. A warning triangle gives unsuspecting drivers an advanced warning so that they can use caution when approaching your vehicle.

Consider investing in reflective ones that are foldable, that way you can easily keep them in your car without wasting much space. Moreover, when placing a warning triangle, make sure it’s at least 50 feet away from your vehicle. Get a pair of warning triangles from your hardware store for any untoward situation.

Portable Fire Extinguishers

Vehicles today are prone to catch fire in the case of a collision. A portable fire extinguisher is, therefore, a vital roadside assistance tool for all drivers. Fire extinguishers usually are rated based on the fire they can easily put out. For instance, some extinguishers are used to put out fires caused by liquids like gasoline and diesel, while others are intended for fires that originate from electric panels.

Make sure you have a suitable portable fire extinguisher in your vehicle. This way, you can help others too if you come across an accident. If it’s too heavy, you will have trouble moving it. The best place in your car to store your fire extinguisher is in front of the passenger seat.

So, these are the 5 must have roadside assistance tools. Being prepared means you can prevent a minor mechanical nuisance from turning into a major problem. Now you can wait as professional roadside assistance services arrive.

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