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3 Telltale Signs Of An Unprofessional Towing Service

3 Telltale Signs Of An Unprofessional Towing Service

Towing a vehicle is not an ordinary task. It requires specialized equipment and, most of all, experts who have many years of experience and know their way around a broken-down car. However, as the towing industry grows, dishonest and unprofessional people join in. Although modern vehicles are less likely to break down without a good reason, fraudulent people are there to jump at the opportunity when they do.

Apart from damaging your vehicle during the process, unprofessional towing services can cause a lot of inconveniences. They rarely ever adhere to legal towing practices and procedures and charge you unfairly for the services. For this reason, it’s essential to differentiate between professional and unprofessional towing services.

Here are the top three telltale signs of an inexperienced and unreliable towing service provider.

Slow Response

When our car breaks down in the middle of the road, we generally want quick assistance to ensure that both the vehicle and the people riding it are safe. And if we have called a towing company, we expect it to arrive at the location within 30 minutes. This timeframe is considered normal for a professional towing company.

However, a delay of more than half an hour is unacceptable and should be acknowledged as a sign of an unprofessional towing company. In this case, you should immediately call the company to cancel your request. This will help you save yourself and your vehicle from further inconvenience.

Unprofessional Appearance Of The Staff

A company’s reputation relies a lot on how their staff is dressed up. The same is true for a towing company, where the job might not be the cleanest in the world, but the technician’s unkempt appearance can cause the customer to lose interest or doubt the company’s services. This is because the way employees present themselves gives a clear indication of how the company they are working for takes care of them.

If a business does not care about how its staff presents itself in front of the customer, they might not be interested in providing quality service. Suppose the mechanic that arrives on the site is wearing dirty or torn up clothes and does not look presentable. In that case, it probably means that the towing company you selected is not professional or experienced.

Wretched Towing Vehicle And Equipment

More important than the overall look of the mechanic is the condition of the truck and towing equipment. The towing truck should be in the best shape so it can safely tow your vehicle. Professional towing companies make sure their trucks pass the annual inspection so their customers won’t have to face any trouble. However, we cannot say the same for an unreliable towing company.

Moreover, wretched and worn-out equipment will also do you no good. So, if you notice dust, debris, and grime on the towing equipment and vehicle, then it is a clear sign that you chose the wrong company, and you should avoid calling them in the future.

Action Towing A Professional Towing Company

Action Towing is a reputable and reliable towing, recovery, and roadside assistance company in Edmonton, Alberta. Our highly skilled and professional tow truck drivers have the latest equipment that ensures that our clients receive nothing but the highest quality of services.

Moreover, our trained professionals only use fully certified equipment and accessories. Some of the best features of our company that make us favorably reliable in the market include;

  • 24-hour emergency towing
  • Quick and affordable service
  • Fully-insured
  • Trained and experienced staff
  • Top-quality tow trucks and equipment

For more information about reliable towing services, visit our website, or contact us today for personalized service.


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